Will Jonas Valanciunas please stand up

It’s a rare thing when a 7 ft monster goes unnoticed. A frenzy of trades and other headlines(trump) have made it easy to forget about the former raptors big man. The 2011 first rounder was putting together a good season for Toronto while splitting time with Serge Ibaka on Nick Nurse’s new look raptors. Now, Nick Nurses newer look raptors have Marc Gasol in the paint and Valanciunas was shipped off to Graceland. 

My beef is not with Valanciunas’ play. Or the trade. Or the play of Gasol compared to Jonas. My beef lies in the fact that Valanciunas had a few bad years in Toronto. He didn’t develop as quickly as they had hoped to put it nicely. I’ve never seen an NBA player shoot balls with 0 arc until I watched Valanciunas. I guess when you’re 7 feet tall the rim is at more of an eye level and arc isn’t necessary. In his early days I remember thinking I was watching a baby giraffe run around the court because of the way he controlled his body, or should I say, the way he tried to control his body. It’s a big body. I get it 

All of that aside he started to pull it together. The last few years Valanciunas finally looked comfortable in his position and confident in his decision making. He looked more athletic and agile. He even started shooting 3’s! With arc!. It was finally happening raps fans, our Lithuanian white Knight was finally starting to pay off. It was all starting to come together and they trade him. You’re telling me I suffered through watching all of the “baby giraffe shooting frozen ropes” years, and just as he gets good you trade him? 

The raptors better win this year or They will regret trading JV .  

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