Why The F would I go to the Rogers Centre?

Today I had to lie to my girlfriend and I’ve felt guilty about it ever since. I feel guilty not because I lied, oh no. It was what I lied about that really crushed me. 

You see, she did a great thing. She purchased 2 tickets to the Rogers centre for opening day. Usually, a great event we both look forward to. The Bat Flippin Blue Jays of years past provided me with some of the greatest sports moments of my life. I cried when Bautista flipped his bat and it still gives me chills. Encarnacions walk off home run in the wild card game was like having an Eyegasm.  I was in attendance when Josh Donaldson kept on running and essentially stole home to win the game and advance to the ALCS

Those were happy times friends. Now however, I’m afraid I’m just not excited. I had to look my girlfriend in the eyes and tell her “wow babe, I can’t wait” while my conscience was saying “you’re a dirty liar. The jays suck and you know it”.  I wanted to be happy, trust me I did. I just couldn’t muster it. I felt like saying “why would you buy these? Who are you even excited to see? Galvis? Kendrys Morales? Are you jacked to watch Ryan Borucki try and find the strike zone?.  You Can’t wait to eat your 20 dollar chicken fingers while crammed in your little blue seat wishing the roof was open?” (Is it just me or does the Rogers Centre suck when the roof is closed?) but those things are mean and she would kill me. 

The only hope jays fans have this year is as follows:

-Justin Smoke to have another career year at the plate. 

-Aaron Sanchez to avoid injury and finally be all he can be. 

-Vlady Jr’s big league debut 

I know it hurts jays fans but the fact is you’re 3 years away from being 2 years away. 

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