Excuse me sir? There’s something on your back.

It’s March 2019 and the maple leafs are still good. They seem poised to make their 3rd straight playoff appearance and their fans are proud again. There’s only one problem. The dark cloud that lingers over every leaf fans head. The King Kong size Gorilla that weighs heavy on all “BeLeafers”. I don’t dare even say the name of the Bean town bullies who own acres of real estate between the ears of Toronto. The ghost of playoffs past is never kind and names like Marchand and Pasternak, Bergeron,Krejci strike a very raw, bitter nerve with leafs nation. Not to mention Zdano Chara who was around in 2013 when the B’s scored 3 goals in 11 minutes to push game 7 to overtime. Where of course they eventually won. 

Boston owns the leafs and it’s no secret to anyone. If the Buds want to get passed the first round there’s no doubt in anybody’s mind they will need to find a little extra. Some extra magic to get them over that game 7 OT hump. If they can manage the Bruins (oops I said it) it will be tough to avoid planning the parade route through the six. 

Potential Magic Makers – Kapanen, Kadri, Hyman, Johnsson. 

Potential Heartbreakers- Marchand, Chara 

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